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  MSNBC    Jansing and Co.    News/Business. Chris Jansing, Richard Lui. Anchor Chris  
   Jansing discusses the day's important issues with informed...  

    March 22, 2013
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i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is [ angry gibberish ] good morning. republicans aren't giving up the fight against health care. tomorrow will be three years to the day that the president signed the act. but none of that is deterring former presidential candidate michele bachmann who says the law literally kills people. >> especially vulnerable women, vulnerable children, vulnerable senior citizens now get to pay
more and get less. that's why we're here. because we're saying let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. let's not do that. let's love people. let's care about people. let's repeal it now while we can. >> apparently she isn't along in her opposition. the ap sum it is up this way. if you look at how it is faring half the states are doing their best to roll out obamacare. the rest are doing their best to ignore it all. good morning. the fight isn't over if you listen to republicans. they say repealing health care is still a possibility. let me just play a few little clips for you. >> i want you to take a look at that stack of paper behind me.
it's the most powerful argument yet against obamacare. >> we believe that obamacare is going to be so unpopular in this country, because of all the broken promises that it will prove. remember when the president said if you like your health care plan you can keep it in america's going to have a rude awakening and find out that's not the case. >> are they talking about it because it helps them politically or do they really think they're going to change something. >> absolutely they're talking about it because it helps them politically. they're talking to the far right of their base that really wants obamacare repealed. the problem here is that there's a practical element that they're overlooking or not talking about, which is the sheer magnitude of changing the u.s. health care system. you know, to a certain degree, the train has already left the station. republican governors in key states are resisting it.
it could get even more so. but for republicans to really repeal obamacare, they're going to have to win the white house, and, you know, that's not -- their next opportunity is not for another three and a half years. >> so it does seem like the fight is moving to the states. health and human services secretary said that republican governors will eventually expand medicate because the benefits are too big to ignore. and we have seen a few big republican governors try to sign on. rick scott tried to do it in florida. although others, rick perry, bobby jindal are saying absolutely not. how much of it is about the plan in how much of it is about politics. >> the real fight is over implementation. and it is over whether governor also accept the medicaid expansion. we see 33 states have already done that. but there are still, there are these incremental battles that
conservatives who are opposed to obamacare continue to wage. and they will faebt the overall impact. plan, pause the more people who enroll, you have the sort of greater critical mass of buying power. and the plan can be more successful because it drives costs down. the fewer people enroll the higher the costs will be. so these incremental fights over the practical implementation will affect the fights. because if it's going poorly in 2014 you could see republicans making it a big issue. that has he i think practically i agree with liz, obamacare is going into effect. . and it's going to be very unlikely for it to be repealed in congress. >> so when we look at states, the ap story compares vermont and texas. vermont health connect. and the state had i think about 100 town meetings and gathering to talk about people's options. then you look at texas and
governor perry will not set up an exchange. won't expand medicaid and you wonder where this leaves people. i mean, there's got to be a lot of confusion out there about what's going on. >> it leaves everyone incredibly confus confused. those of us who cover the issue are saying what does this mean for me? we can't figure it out half the time. so the inconsistencies, i think are going to be very problematic going forward. >> let me bring in the congressman from michigan. let me first get your reaction to what michele bachmann had to say on the floor. >> i can't understand where she's coming from. this affordable care act improves coverage for people. the idea that this is a step backward in providing more coverage ask 27 million americans if that's the case. >> she said it's going to kill people. >> she says some interesting things. i sit on the financial services
committee. and it's usually an entertaining moment when the microphone go does her. >> you've been tweeting a lot about the impact on michigan. you say rebates from insurance companies benefitting residents, 153.4 million saved on prescription drug costs for seniors. so i look at those numbers that you tweet and then i look at this article in the wall street journal. and it says that premiums could go up 116%. aetna says 55% potentially and the rnc put out a report about how costs are going up. do you find your constituents are worried about costs going up, and what do you say to them. >> what they're worried about is coverage. i represent saginaw, michigan. we've got high it unemployment. we've got low wages.
>> high number of uninsured. >> high number of uninsured. so the people in my community understand that health care costs are continuing to grow because we don't get the kind of preventive care that we need. so the fantasy about health care is that if we don't row void their sort of coverage that the affordable care act mandates that somehow the cost of health care will go down. the truth of matter the cost of health care goes up when we don't get the kind of preventive care, young people don't get to stay on their parents' coverage. when lifetime caps kick in and people with serious disease have to wait until they reach medicare eligibility in order to get coverage, the cost of health care will be borne by all of us one way or another. that cost will be borne by the rest of us who are insured. the truth of the matter is premiums will continue to rise when we have fewer people covered and we spread the cost
across all health care paid for those people who just have coverage. then that's what the affordable care act was intended to get at. i don't understand some. criticism of their. i don't understand where it comes from except that it's identify logically driven. if you look at what the ryan budget does -- >> let me ask you about that. part of it is the repeal of health care. that's how he come does some of his numbers. it passed in the house but failed in the senate. the senate is expected to pass patty murray's budget. is there any chance for these two to get together. >> as a new member, it's one of the big frustrations that i have. it seems to be a war of words and there's not really an effort to come together. the starting point is not the ryan budget. we take this big step back with a bunl elt that's fantasy. >> in terms of rolling back costs. and if you talk to americans, they're for balancing the budget. they're for us getting our economic house in order. and then of course when you ask
them what do you want cut it becomes a different story, but where do you see, is there anything in that budget that you see is reasonable in h? >> i really don't. i think it's an identify logical statement. granting huge tax breaks, that has to be made up somewhere. the ryan budget repeals the affordable care act except they keep the projected savings in their budget projections. the $716 billion that we heard so much about in the election last year, paul ryan keeps the savings that obamacare would generate, but eliminates the benefits. the revenues that come from some of the taxes on medical devices and other things, they keep the revenue that comes from the affordable care act, but they want to cut the benefits. so thouis is really about an
ideology. the wealthiest americans have essentially captured the republican caucus. and what we see in the ryan budgity or in anything that has to do with the affordable care act, anything that has to do with the smart investments that we know we need to get the economy growing again, those are off the table. big tax cuts for the wealthiest americans that has to be made up by somebody and we know who that somebody is. >> thank you for coming in. there is no huge surprise that the ryan budget overwhelmingly passed in the house or that it failed in in the senate, but three senators voting against it, rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee. that's a new thing, tea partiers saying i'm even more conservative than paul ryan. is that the message? >> yeah. that is the message and also 2016 is the message. two of those three folks you mentioned have presidential
ambitio ambitions. the rhine why we're in this situation in the first place is the inability to come together and pass a real budget. and really we see a new base rhine where these big tee bates are taking place, but the new sort of normal is the spending levels that were set by sequestration. and so yesterday we did see congress pass, pass a continuing resolution, pass a stopgap spending bill that went to the white house. and it was based on sequestration. it was one trillion and change. but it was based on the reduced spending levels of sequestration. so in some ways sequestration was a success. it did diminish spending somewhat across all of the agencies and yet we have their ongoing debate in the background over these big issues, that seem to be going on perpetually with no real end in sieg. >> and you harold the frustration, liz, from the congressman about being a new member and wanting to get stuff done.
we flow the senate has ha voter rama today where any one can offer amendments. but patty murray's budget is expected to pass. and the question becomes and then what? do they try to get on the same page? >> no. basically the congress plan was talking about paul ryan's budget being identify lodgically driven. but the fact of the matter is the democratic document is an identify logical document as well. both sides are playing to their bases with non-binding budgets that are political tools for which they can post up against as they, you know, try to score political points. that's what these things are. but it does show you just how big the gulf is between the republican right and the democratic left on serious issues, taxes, spending and deficits. and the notion that they're going to somehow come together, there's really no, no, i guess,
carrot for them to go after here. >> and then they go home for two weeks. >> sure. >> and the question is are they going to hear anything from their constituents that's going to move anybody. i don't know. >> i think that they're not. and the best chance that they had to potentially hear about it was with the potential for a government shutdown, which has now been averted. so again, back to this new pace rhine of these big debates over real issues that are kind of going nowhere. and a new baseline that incidentally it's interesting because their stopgap spending bill that was passed yesterday did mark something of a breakthrough in that the appropriators in the house and the senate, the bipartisan leaderships thereof were able to come together and come up with a spending plan that keeps the government solvent and keeps it operating. and so i think that now we are going to see the appropriators
get, you know, being able to get together hopefully and work out these, you know, technocratic stopgap spending bills while the battle wages in the background without any hope of actual consensus. >> good to see both of you. have a good weekend. we are hearing this morning from the commander of the marine base in kwaunt coe, virginia where three were killed. ask as we take care of our marines and their families that are dealing with this tragedy, i'd also ask for the support of our neighbors, the community and their thoughts and prayers as well. for our marines who have lost their, their comrades in arms. thank you. sem per fidelis. >> the victims were staff at the officers candidate school. the marine corps is notifying family members before releasing any names.
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a fierce political battle is being waged right now that could be a foreshadowing of more to come. new york city's counsel is now holding a hearing on the issue of paid sick leave. a group of supporters held a rally outside city hall in just the last hour. part of the escalating battle as workers across the country without paid sick leave say they have a difficult choice. either they have to show up to work sick and potentially make others sick or stay home and not get paid. at the same time democratic senator tom harkin reintroduced legislation that would set a national minimum sick day standard. joining me now is sarah jane
glen. >> thanks for having me on. >> we invited you because you co-wrote this op ed. and you pointed out that just in new york city more than a million workers don't have paid sick leave. now a lot of employers among other things we'll tell you it's a perk they just can't afford. make your argument. >> i would argue that it's not a case that businesses can't afford to offer paid sick leave. in fact, businesses can't afford not to offer paid sick leave. one of the industries where workers are least likely to have access is food service. it's bad for business to have servers and cooks and busboys coming into work sick. nobody want does have someone sneezing in their salad. they ineffect their co-workers. they infect patrons. this is really bad for business and it costs businesses a lot of money. if a worker gets sick they have to take time off. they have no job protection. they get fired. it costs a lot more to replace someone than it does to offer them a day or two off with paid
leave. >> the hair tanl foundation says requiring paid sick leave harms both customers and co-workers because, one, employers would actually lower wages to compensate for newly mandated benefits like paid sick leave. and if no replacement can be found on short notice, the job is left undone. now there is also an argument that abuse of sick leave -- and i've heard this a lot as i've listened to their argument -- that it gets abused too much and it hurts everybody. what do you say. >> there's a lot of data to show that that's simply not the case. most of the legislation that we're talking about only offers five to sieven days a year. so it's not a considerable amount of time. and we know, looking at the city that is do have paid sick leave laws in place, that workers only take two to three days per year when they have access to these benefits. so people like to tell this story that oh people are going to be calling in sick. they're going to be taking off
weeks from work. that's not the case. you're talking about a few days per year. most of the time that's work that can wait until the next day or co-workers are able to cover for themselves. and the truth is if someone is really sick, they're not going to come into work whether they're getting paid or not. and so businesses already have strategies in place to deal with this. i think it's just a lot of people who are concerned about new regulations and so, they're telling the story that just simply isn't accurate. >> i mentioned legislation that is be being reintroduced by senator harkin, among other things there are healthy families act calls for them to earn one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. they could earn up to 56 hours of sick leave per year and it would only apply to businesses if they have 15 or more employees. but that would cover about 90% of the work force. how tough is this going to be to get passed. >> we have a lot of support for this on the ground. the majority of voters,
regardless of their political affiliation believe in this. and we've had some wins. the city of philadelphia also passed legislation that we're waiting to see if the mayor will veto it or not. so there's very, very strong support from workers and work being families, because they understand how important this issue is. and our hope is that congress will recognize that this is something that's vitally important for american workers and will also recognize that there's no reason to suspect it would have any kind of harmful effect on the economy. the u.s. is the only economy in the world that doesn't guarantee workers this right. there's a lot of evidence that it's good for businesses, good for workers and good for kpis. >> i think some people would say you had me at sneezing in the salad. but thank you so much. >> it is the largest single wave of school closures in u.s. history. chicago plans to close 54
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the best ingredient is love. to politics now where the gang of eight is said to be very close to a deal on immigration reform. they say the bill will be revealed next week. the post office announced it would switch to five day delivery in august. a group backing same sex marriages putting this ad out. it showcases regular people talking about their gay and
lesbian relatives. but the must see video is new jersey chris christie taking questions from a group of kindergarten kids. >> did you come here in a limo? >> no. i came in here in something better. i came in a helicopter. >> whoa. do you get to meet the president? >> yes, i've gotten to meet the president a bunch of times. i used to know how many times in my head. now i can't keep count any more. >> was the president's wife enchanting? >> yes, actually, she was. she's very smart. she's very nice. >> i saw you on tv. >> did you. what was i doing? >> nothing. >> nothing? pretty useful. >> is the president's wife enchanting? did you use enchanting when were
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weapons, for all those who say the politics is too hard, how can they say that? when you take a look at those 20 beautiful babies. and what happened to them. and those six teachers and administrators. >> these are john lien on's blood eyeglasses from the day he was murdered. good to see both of you, good morning. let me read to you from the column in the washington post this morning. we all know what's happening here. senate democrats face a tough battle to hold on to their slim majority. i'd love to hear them explain their cal kragss to the parents of newtown. emily, is harry reid's bill essentially a surrender that's based on the political reality
of the vote next year? >> i would actually even challenge even at this point harry reid's cal slags that this is a political reality. the reality is the american public is already there. particularly, when it comes to background checks. poll after poll is showing us 90% of the american people, 84% of gun owners, even 74% of nra members are supporting the universal background checks. the nra -- >> that is in the bill. what's not in the bill is assault weapons. as you know dianne feinstein wasn't very happy about it. >> not very happy and neither was vice president biden. harry reid needs to say no to the special interests and yes to the american people. people are very motivated on this issue. i do think this is a place where we need to turn american reality into political realities. people need to get motivated on it. >> here's what's in the package. let's take a lock at it. universal background chokes. gun trafficking would be a
federal crime. it includes a grant program for school security. what do you think? is this a pragmatic move on the part of harry reid that something will get done in the wake of newtown? >> i think he is driven by trying to keep control of his chamber on this. even though there's poll numbers around the country that show different things, those polls are not in arkansas and even senator in montana is going to have a tough race. this is a tough situation. because if they pass too much they're going to be worried about a general election. if they don't pass enough they could be worried about a primary election. >> there was an interesting article in the national journal today. and they said that the democrats may be misreading the polls that actually doesn't take into account the level of intensity on the side of the nra. and maybe it's not matched on
the side of people who want that change. the nra has been better funded for such a long time. is that a realistic assessment. >> sure, the nra is well organized. but i think we need to look at how much money they spent, tens of millions of dollars in the last election and what kind of return they had. they had less than 1% of return of districts they went into and candidates they were supporting. so i do think there's still a bit of a myth around how strong the nra's political capital is. >> it was interesting, i had charlie rangel on. on monday, more than 20 episcopal bishops are going to march to protest gun violence. and they're asking hundreds of people, maybe thousands to join them. here's what charlie rangel told me yesterday on this show. >> the whole idea of trying to justify why people should have automatic weapons that are built and made and created to kill people is hard for a civilized
community to explain that. that's where we need the churches, the synagogues and the moral people, because common sense does not just foy what we're going through. >> is he right in we have seen other issues where churches have made a difference. could they, if they're able to motivate more religious groups to get involved? >> well the religious groups i know are very pro gun. guns are very personal. i'm a gun owner, an enthusiast and i do all of the above. it's constitutional second amendment constitutional right for most people. that's how they see it. this is very personal on both sides. and when you have a personal issue it's blurred in the middle on who talks about ought the maic weapons. we're talking about semi-automatic weapons. and the facts get blurred in the whole question. >> to be continued as we wait and see this go to the floor. thank you so much. and the gun control debate will
be the focus of this sunday's meet the press. that should be an interesting conversation. meantime, a stunning turn in the investigation into the shooting death of the head of colorado's prison system. his death may be linked to a high speed chase and shootout in texas. a white supremacist gang and another murder. nbc is live in colorado with the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of moving parts eon this one. so bear in mind the officials think they may have gotten a break in this case. in texas, they now have confer place that evan spencer af la and known white supremacist is the man who was involved in the high speed chase and shoot out
with authorities down in texas. authorities say he was involved in a routine stop. that's when he shot a deputy, sped away, engaged other officers in more of a shootout until he finally crashed into a big rig and was shot himself. he was considered brain dead when he was airlifted to the hospital. but authorities drew a link between the car he was driving, a dark sedan with colorado plates and a car that was spotted here outside tom clements house on tuesday the night that he was murdered here. there appears to be a strong connection between the suspect in texas and the murder after pizza delivery man on wednesday. his family's been searching for some type of reason that any one would kill this father of three. and now one theory is that that delivery uniform is why tom clements opened the door here. so a lot of moving parts. authorities are now down in texas and waiting for ballistics
results. >> in monument, thank you so much. checking the news feed this morning. philadelphia police have filed charges against a plan from france who allegedly pretended to be a pilot and talked his way into the cockpit on a plane from philly to florida. he was wearing what appeared to be part of an air france uniform. he had a fake id. authorities emphasize it did not present any kind of threat to the plane. the faa is to make decisions on air-traffic control closings. about 170 towers would close, most of them at smaller rural airports one in ten deaths in america can be linked to overconsumption of salt. eating a lot of salt can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. much of processed food is loaded with sault and power ball fever is
back. $320 million is the stake. three friends who won money last week, they won it just hours after one of them opened a fortune cookie and the fortune said you're going to win the lottery. it's blackberry's make or break moment. any word yet in are they selling? we've got somebody at one of the at&t stores. she hasn't said that sales have been booming. it is slow. but it is early. it is also a weekday. so hard to dig into that. the point is this is a make-or-break moment, right? the question is going to be not whether this is a good device. actually i've seen it. we've used it here at cnbc. runs pretty fast, but does everyone already have their phones? you may be locked into a
contract or locked into i tunes or what it might be. the question is how many people there are really willing to change. they've got a lot of making up to do. let's put it that way. meantime i can't wait to hear your report on this. more fall out from lulu lemons see through yoga pants scandal and we're hearing it may affect their bottom line. it could drive a wedge in their stock price as well. >> that's bad. >> i've said much worse privately. 40 million bucks. this could be a big -- see through gate, whatever you want to call it. >> 40 million? >> yeah. a lot of money for lulu lemon. customers like them. they don't like them. if you don't like them, bring them in, and they're going to give you a replacement. it's a bigger problem than they originally thought. and the ceo said listen, you can't catch this stuff on the assembly line.
the only way to catch is to put the pants on and bend over. that was her quote, not mine. i've got all these puns in my head, but for the sake of job preservation i'm going to move on. >> and day side cable. thank you. bryan sullivan from cnbc. some good news for the movie industry. movie tickets sales rose last year bringing in $34.7 billion. they list the most movie going countries, the u.s. and canada, north america number one. an overwhelming $10.8 billion. china, $2.7 billion. japan is number three, the u.k. and france trail behind with $1.7 billion in sales. we're here! we're going to the park! [ gina ] oh hey, dan!
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physical activity is not only good for your health, it is good for your happiness. cumulative data shows that physically active people are over 85% more likely to report feel happy when compared to those who are less active. president obama and air force one, live pictures here, touching down in jordan. there's going to be a ceremony, but there are going to be some foreign men it fry level officials. a little later on he will meet with king abdullah, and there will be some talks with that ally. this following his three day visit to israel. talks are to focus on the middle east peace process as well as the war in syria.
the president laid a wreath at the holcast member or cal saying it's our obligation not just to bear witness but to act against racism and especially anti-semitism. joining me now is senior correspondent with the washington post. good to see you. good morning. >> morning, chris. >> so as we wait for the president to come off of air force one. let's start with prospects for peace talks. as you've been watching over these last three days, do you think any progress was made in. >> we have some important rhett tor cal shifts that have occurred with the president walking back from some of the statements he had made in his cairo speech a few years ago which had really angered the israel israelis. especially the earlier statements about starting a peace process with respecting the 1967 borders of israel.
both of which obama seem does have stepped back from. but while there's been a lot of rhetoric from obama that his pleas with the israelis that have been positive, coming after some years of real tension between the israeli government and the obama administration. now the tough work begins now on moving this forward. and there really isn't a framework yet. there isn't a process yet ahead. and that's to come. secretary state kerry will return to jerusalem tomorrow. and one can expect a new push here today. here. but it's -- >> could king abdullah play a key roll if there is in the future a u.s. led peace push? >> he's going to have to play an essential role, because the other state that has signed a peace treaty with israel is egypt. and we know from the political
changes that have occurred there in the wake of the arab spring that morsi has taken a much tougher line with israel and i think it very unlikely that egypt will play a historic role in trying to help out in a peace process. so it's going to fall more on king abdullah's shoulders in jordan. and that will be a big part of president obama's discussions with the king tonight and tomorrow along with the crisis in neighboring syria. >> let's talk about syria. let's start request the fact that i think 450,000 syrians have fled to jordan. and jordan's having some economic difficulties. what's that conversation between the president and king abdullah likely to be like? >> there will be the huge humanitarian crisis that jordan is facing. but politically, the king and the president face some common ground here. king abdullah is very concerned that the syrian rebels if they
take over would, would establish a far more sort of conservative sunni muslim government that would be potentially in league with forces in his country that are seeking to topple the monarchy, so could create some destabilizing factors in his country. certainly the concern about who those rebels are and what sort of government they would form is a concern shared by the obama administration. at the same time, both president obama and king abdullah have called for president assad to accept down and have made it clear that they don't see much of a future for him in running that country. >> always good to see you. thanks so much. >> today's tweet of the day has to do with march madness. in case you didn't hear, 14th seed harvard earned its first ever ncaa victory last night. so today this is what the
harvard lampoon tweeted -- america, we are sorry for messing up your brackets and your financial system and everything else. seed harvard earned its first
hard to believe it's been ten years since the shock and au campaign that laufrgesed the iraq war. i was on the air as it was all unfolding. this clip is from the morning after the war began. >> let's get you up to date on what is happening. it started at 9:30 eastern time last night when president bush gave the order and attacks were made against leadership targets, saddam hussein in a bunker around baghdad. and since then, a lot of activity for those troops massed along the iraq kuwaiti border. they have gotten some scares with missile attacks laufrpgsed
by a riraq. now it's about an hour until nightfall in baghdad. and that's when more military action could get under way. this major air and ground assault that we've been waiting for. >> well, it's ten years later and we're still dissecting what happened. you can watch hubris airing tonight at 9:00. and then you can watch talking hubris. i'm chris jansing. have a great weekend. thanks to all of you. here we go with our agenda. two deadly incidents of gun violence. three marines killed overnight at the base in quantico, virginia. and a violent car chase.
president obama's tour make a second stop and a meeting with a very close ally. we are expecting some live remarks. and we're going to ask joe lieberman what he thinks of the president's trip. plus chicago's facing a biggest school closing. the president of the teacher's union will join me live. how abo? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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